Enjoying The Journey

Turtle and Tigger got along much better today as we journeyed on Highways and County roads versus the Interstate. Today we traveled from Fargo, ND to Crosslake, MN. Along the way, we pulled over to take some beautiful pictures of the Minnesota State Flower, The Pink Lady slipper! We hardly ever see the pink ones, mostly just the yellow. These beautifully lined the road along the way.

IMG_1834 copy





Tonight we are settled into the Crosslake Campground, a beautiful Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Area. Looking forward to exploring the area tomorrow!



Turtle’s First Adventure …

Today, June 28th, 2015, Turtle is going on her first big adventure. We are making the trek all the way to North Dakota to spend a couple of days with Todd’s Mom, and then we will journey to central Minnesota to spend some time in the Brainered Lakes area.

One thing we have learned about Turtle, is she does not like to go much faster than 60 mph. Okay, so actually Tigger (the Toyota) is the one who does not like to go any faster than 60, but she is blaming it on Turtle. Guess she is living up to her name.

We gave Tigger and Turtle a break in Rothsay, MN while we went in to purchase some baked goods. If you are ever up this direction, Tesoro Truck Stop and Cafe has a great little bakery. Yes, a gas station. But they have some home cookin’ attached and their gooey caramel rice krispy bars and peanut butter chocolate rice krispy bars are very tasty. (Hopefully there will still be some left for you Angela Rogers when we see you later this week!)

Tigger and Turtle will soon both be resting in Lindenwold Park after our first long drive.